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What are biggest animals in the world ?

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There are different kinds, shapes and sizes of animals around the world. From the microscopic bacterial to whales that weigh as much as 32 full-grown elephants, there is no denying the verities that exist in the animal kingdom.

In a way, some are unfairly larger than others, even when among the same class or species. Check out this list of the biggest animals in the world.

Blue Whale

It is no surprise that a blue whale tops the list of the biggest animals in the world. In fact, it remains the largest animal of all time, with the ability to reach up to 180 tonnes in weight and 98 ft in length.

From measurement, the heart of a blue whale could weigh as much as a car, while their tongues a full-grown elephant. Amazingly, they survive by eating tiny planktons rich diets. 

Colossal squid

Although there are several rumors about their size, the largest documented squid was about 45 ft in length. These animals have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, with sizes of about 25 cm in diameter. What a fascinating sight it would be to behold.

African Elephant

Of course the African elephant makes this list. They remain one of the biggest land animals and can weigh up to 6,400 kg and 35 ft in height. Sadly, they are an endangered species due to the value of their ivory.


Giraffes are the tallest living animals on earth, with a height of up to 19 ft. Amazingly, their neck alone accounts for about 6 ft of this height.

Giraffe’s habitat is predominantly in Africa, and they feed on vegetation off the ground and trees with their long prehensile tongues.

Brown Bear

A brown bear might not appear too large until you see them stand erect on their two feet. In this state, they can reach up to 10 ft in height and weigh a jaw-breaking 907 kg. This puts them as the largest carnivores on the planet.

Whale Shark

Whale sharks are actually the largest living fish in the water. They can grow to about 40 ft in length and a weight of 22 tonnes. However, like the blue whale, they mostly feed on tiny plankton too. They are also harmless.

Salt water Crocodile

The title of the largest living reptile goes to the saltwater crocodile. This animal can grow to an average of 21 ft in length and weight of 453 kg.

Chinese Salamander

These creatures have a weird appearance and hold the title of the largest living amphibian on the planet. They weigh about 30 kg, and can grow up to 6 ft long.

Goliath Beetle and the Ostrich

With a weight of 100g, this beetle takes its place as the heaviest insect in the world. They can also grow up to 4.5 inches in size.

 Ostriches are the only animals that come close to the giraffe in height. They can grow up to 9 ft in height and weight of 156 kg.

Additional Information 

Many of the biggest animals in the world already are, or close to being endangered as they are greatly hunted. Their parts fetch a small fortune on the black market.

Also, although their big size gives them a hunting advantage over their prey, they are not all predators. Some animals like the giraffe would rather eat grass.